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The founders of MBB have led teams that have won multiple Brandon Hall learning innovation gold awards and are known for their expertise in adult learning, instructional design, change management, and strategic communications.

Terri Hamilton, CEO

Terri has been an educator for over 20 years in many capacities including a teacher, mentor, instructional coach and trainer, content developer, and instructional designer. She is the founder and Director of Pedagogics LLC, where she promotes mindful learning through consulting, coaching, and content development. She is also a Senior Instructional Designer for Ingenuiti where she develops the learning design and core pedagogy content for international clients. During her career, she has authored multiple university accredited courses, co-developed several catalogs of courses and resources (including over 50 online courses), and written blogs.

Chris Casement, COO

Chris is a learning innovation strategist and innovator focused on building organizational capability, developing leaders and improving the well-being and safety of people in healthcare and other high-risk industries. For the past 25 years, Chris has consulted on hundreds of complex projects in high-tech, healthcare and government organizations to build capabilities that enable success. He also advises senior leadership teams on enterprise information, data and learning projects. Chris has co-led several centers of excellence and innovation networks in learning and technology. He’s the co-founder of My Baseline Builder, an advisor on the Josh Bersin Big Reset Project , as well as, Redhat Research Roundtables.  On a personal note, Chris is privileged to serve on the advisory committee of CityTeam, Oakland where he works to meet the needs of the city’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations. 

Johnny Hamilton, Vice President, Strategic Innovation and Design

Johnny is an award-winning author, learning innovation thought leader, and full-stack learning architect/designer who has led projects that have won over a dozen industry awards in corporate learning innovation from Brandon Hall, BIG Innovation, and eLearning Magazine. These cutting-edge projects have saved millions of dollars in learning implementation costs and dramatically increased learner/stakeholder engagement. Johnny co-developed the Push-Anchor-Pull framework and architected learning experiences on multiple learning platforms that incorporate adaptive learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented/Virtual Reality for corporate learning.  He’s co-founder and Director of Design and Innovation Strategy at My Baseline Builder, Senior Design and Innovation Consultant at Providence, Editor of the Medium publication “The Future of Workplace Learning,” and Senior Learning Architect at Ingenuiti. He’s co-authored books, “Microlearning in the Digital Age” (Routledge) and “eLearning 101” (Trivantis), as well as many whitepapers.

Marcy Casement, Director, Strategic Communications and Program Development

Strategic communications, program design, and business development

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