MBB Capability Building Framework (featuring Qstream)

(infographic, 2 min)
Discover the four steps of this framework and how it integrates the Push-Anchor-Pulltm approach and an analytics platform such as Qstream

Exploring Industry Trends in Upskilling Your Workforce

(video presentation, 11 min)
Chris Casement and Johnny Hamilton from My Baseline Builder share key research findings, their insights, as well as what your next steps can be to rapidly upskill and reskill your workforce for post-pandemic success

LINKEDIN GROUP: The Future of Workplace Learning

Join the conversation with other like-minded professionals


TRAINING INDUSTRY: How Providence’s Compliance Learning Engagement Scores Went from an F to a B+ and Saved Millions of Dollars

(recorded webinar, 55 min)
Learn how Qstream was leveraged to make significant business impacts in a large organization

POWERED BY LEARNING: Taking a Health System’s Workforce to the Next Level

(podcast, 36 min)
From this L&D top 20 podcast series, listen to how MBB’s Johnny Hamilton is using the Push-Anchor-Pull approach to guide the strategic learning design in a large healthcare system


Microlearning in the Workplace of the Future

(book chapter, 20 min)
Explore what corporate microlearning will be like in 2025 in this chapter co-written by My Baseline Builder team members from the book Microlearning in the Digital Age, published by Routledge.
This includes a special 2021-Q3 update section.

Push-Anchor-Pull Approach

(article, 5 min)
Explore how the Push-Anchor-Pulltm approach helps workers learn, practice, and apply new skills

The Future of Workplace Learning

(articles, 3-9 min each)
Read articles from Johnny Hamilton, Chris Casement and other learning experts in this Medium publication